Has anyone used paypal on Chinese Taobao?

I've moved to China for my job, and now I want to buy something on Taobao, however, I don't have any Chinese bank account right now, when I get into payment page, I don't know how to choose to pay with my credit card. And all that are in Chinese, I need to use translation tool as well, but still cannot find the option to choose paypal.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I don't think using Paypal (as in the international Paypal) is possible. There happens to be a Chinese payment service called "Paypal", but it has no relation to the other one.

If you need to buy something online in China, I strongly suggest that you get someone local to help you set it up - you probably still need a bank account. Setting up accounts and payments in China is often really complex with a lot of links between banks, ID's, physical addresses, email addresses, and even mobile phone verification. Having someone help you will make sure your hair doesn't turn gray =)

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