Curious about Georgian Economy specifically the Construction Business

Hello, All! My name is Nizar and I'm from Dubai. I work in the construction material industry and I'm exceedingly curious to hear from locals of the country about the Construction industry and like, what sort of projects and what is the scale of construction in Georgia? My reason for wanting to know these things is because some of my friends since they know I work in this industry had told me, "You should get looking into Georgia there seems to be a lot of construction going on there!" So I'm really curious to see how it is from the community and local perspective of this industry as sometimes the eyes of a tourist maybe blinded by some things and not always see everything. I thank you for hopefully answering my question.

Hello Nizar

I'll try to explain as much as I can. Yes, indeed there are more constructions going on with every year, but most of them are done by Georgian companies themselves. Nothing grand scale really, mostly new residence areas or houses. The biggest things which are sometimes are built are hotels - but when I say big I mean in Georgian scale, which honestly is really small for everyone else.

As for the community perspective, the only thing I can say that they are not really loved as Georgia is an old country and most of the times companies tend to upset locals with their construction. If you are interested in this sphere, you could check constructions going on in a city called Batumi - Its one and only modern city in here and the scale there is usually bigger then in any other place

Thank you for your insight, Dreamfamiliar. It's most valuable to me. I've looked up Batumi and it seems just the right place for me to start looking. Thank you again. :)

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