Is there a hotel of that name? Job scam help

hi all

i want ask about this hotel called ( Ross Grand Hotel )
Is there a hotel of that name?

[link moderated]

address :
Ross Grand Hotel
550 Flinders Street VIC 3000 Melbourne-Australia.

Is it real or is it a scam ?

please answer me

thank you

Yes, there is!contact-us/c24vq

However, there are many scams that use the names of respectable businesses in order to fool you into thinking they're real.

The link shows email addresses and telephone numbers, so if you have a job offer, check they match the ones you've been given.
If they don't, it's probably a scam.

Thanks for the answer
But when I searched for the hotel address in Google Map
I found another hotel at the same address … a=!3m1!1e3

So I asked coz I received a job offer at this hotel.
Maybe I was wrong

Do the email addresses match?

Do not match anything

Now that I think scam

i have the same offer in the same hotel from Global Star Company this month, so is it really a scam?

If you talking about the same hotel address
It's a scam

but they mail me with that e-mail info[at] ... the same e-mail on their website .. so that mean this website is a scam too

The site is fake too
you can search by address in google map you will find another hotel … 44.9565327

I have received a job offer from this company called Global Star to that Hotel also.
Is it really a scam?
What is really they are seeking? I'm wondering...

Something odd here, not absolutely a scam or serious problem but a question to answer.

Ross Grand Hotel

675 Flinders Street Melbourne, Australia, VIC 3141

Registrant Name: ROSS GRAND HOTEL
Registrant Organization: ROSS GRAND HOTEL
Registrant Street: 550 Flinders Street
Registrant City: Melbourne
Registrant State/Province: AU-VIC
Registrant Postal Code: 8399 … northbank/

Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne Northbank
550 Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia

Google street view shows the Adina at that address with a sign to confirm.

Look for reviews - none found
Look for the hotel on google, or agoda, or any of the other sites

Now for the really big question and the reason I now believe it's a con.
Look at the Rossgrand site and their lovely reception desk, all decorated with their hotel name.

Note the woman on the right,h_278,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/1502d9_eef84b46f8e448e5a8e6d59c7b900511~mv2.webp

Now look at this office in London

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