Self-employment in Germany

Hello all,

I'm a UK citizen working as a freelance translator, and I'm thinking of settling in Germany next year.

Firstly I need to find out roughly how much disposable capital I'll have to live on. I can expect to earn €20-25K at the most, so my question is, how much will go on tax and health insurance, and how much will be left?

My idea is to opt for a medium-sized town rather than one of the big cities. I don't need to live in a big house, a 2-bed flat would be fine.

I also have a 5-year-old to take care of, and plan to bring his mother (a non-EU citizen) to join us as soon as a visa can be arranged.

If anyone can offer any initial advice to start the ball rolling, I'd be very grateful.

Hi Carl,

You will get an idea by reading the following thread : Cost of living in Germany – 2015

Members will surely get back to you with some relevant info, do you mind telling us in which town/region you will be moving to ?

All the best,

Hello Bhavna,

Thanks for replying. We haven't decided yet exactly where to settle, but probably somewhere in the north like Bremen, Luebeck or Kiel.

For the time being I'm just trying to work out roughly what I'll have to live on, then I'll have to start looking at the various bureaucratic hurdles.

Best wishes

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