Reputable used car dealer & what fees/taxes should I expect.


I'll be moving to San Juan in two weeks and will need to purchase a used car within the first few weeks of my arrival. My budget is around 10-14k and i'm looking for a small car such as a Corrolla, Mazda 3, or Kia Soul.

Has anyone had any positive experiences with a car dealer in the San Juan metro Area?

Also, what fees and/or taxes should I expect to pay at the time of purchase?


It sounds like we'll be landing in PR around the same time, and like you, getting a car is number one on my list of things to do. I'm hoping someone will be able to answer this question and help us both out.
I'm looking for a car dealer who isn't a rip-off. It seems the woods are full of shady car dealers no matter you are.

Asking others who have had a positive experience with a car dealer, the word of mouth is the best way to go.
So please, anyone out who's had a good experience with a car dealer let us know about it.


Current sales tax is 11 1/2 per cent.  The car needs to be registered but that might be included in the price of the car.  Can't recommend any particular used car dealer except Autocentro Toyota in Rio Piedras, which is where I purchased my car.

Theres another PR blog out there that described many of the PR car dealers.  Almost all of them were unfavorable except Triangle was mentioned as good.  Do a search for the blog

Try clasificados online many car listings there with that budget you should find a decent one, in PR is best to have a small suv like a Subaru Forester which is my daily driver super reliable and very low maintenanace runs on $20 bucks for a week Honda crv and Toyota rav 4 also nice options  PR streets are not always nice sometimes theres floods and they are like small cars only more versatile...our roads tend to eat small cars! ..always choose on low mileage vs year...ask for DACO used car warranty that all used car dealers must provide, and if not car saavy take it to a trusted technician an have an inspection..good car hunting !

Be very careful no matter which way you go. Many cars are flooded and not reported.  Roads are poor here so there is a lot of hard use.  Dealers can be more reliable but even they might not know.    I have had success on Craig's list or a Vet site to see who's relocating  off the island and wants to sell their car.

One of my executive clients is leaving the island and selling a NEW mini cooper for $8000.  if interested let me know and you can speak directly to them.  remember, people leave the island every day and many don't take the cars with them because it's a pain to ship.... THESE are the cars you want.

HI, I need to buy a car in PR during the week of October 1. I may be interested. Please contact me if the car is still available. Thanks.

Bothas, Do you recall the name of that website?

Just found this facebook group a couple of days ago. There is also ReLove PR Home and ReLove PR Family but those last two I have been trying to join and haven't gotten a response. The first one I got a response right away.

Karenqc :

Bothas, Do you recall the name of that website? … uerto-rico … ying-a-car … uerto-rico … nd-selling


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