LED TV permitting in riyadh airport

Can somebody tell me why airlines are not allowing to take LED TV while travelling to home at riyadh airport?

How big is it?

50 inch

That's hand luggage out and the costs for check in will be expensive.
That's all assuming it's properly packaged for an aircraft journey as there is no hope of the airline accepting something they know is easily damaged.

Is there something related to customs or is it only because of what Fred said ?
Confused   :unsure

Actually i have asked since airlines are not allowing LED TV to carry in luggage in riyadh airport. My friend took with himself 2 months before but srilankan airlines didnt allowed to put in luggage for unknown reason. So now i  am planning to go vacation and i have a plan to purchase 50 inch TV.

It seems it is not related to damage and all. I think there is something else

Whilst not even slightly surprised at them not allowing the TV, I was interested in their reasons. … aggage.php

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sir  I want take one tv 40 inch riyadh Airports have any problem

Dear Friends
i was traveled from Riyadh Lahore with Oman air July last year and i was carried 2 led into 32 inches with original peaking i did not face any problems at airport.
from Dammam  with Qatar airways my friend carried 40 inch also he didn't face any problems.
better before travel communicate with airline,shaheen air not allow 40 inch led to Pakistan.

Riyadh airline allows LED TV upto 32"

last month i already travel with two LED of 32 inch.

sir  I want take one tv 49  inch riyadh Airports have any problem

49  inch  not possible Riyadh Airports, above 32 inch only cargo way to send.

Is 32inch tv allowed on saudia flight from riyadh to mumbai?

Not possible to send but if you do it via cargo you will have to pay customs charge nearly 10k. If its new then i suggest to cargo

        Please tell me, what are the charges for sending 55inch tv of value 3000 SAR from saudi to tamilnadu by cargo.

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