"500 years of images"
(With current and vintage photos, written information and music from my vast vintage LP record collection)

Havana’s Quintessential Elegance will give you an in-depth look in to the city’s past and present, a must to truly get to know the many areas of Havana without actually travelling to Cuba.  It is also an excellent guide if visiting, purchasing property or investing, are in your agenda.  Some areas of the city shown here are already on their way to restoration. Some other parts are to be viewed with their potential in mind, when, private enterprise and property ownership take a dipper hold in Cuba. 

Havana is a city which practically stopped growing in 1960, It was a forbidden city for many of us for over 50 years.  This video may serve as a guide to some of the most important areas of the city and can be used as an assessment of what  colonialism and capitalism achieved versus communism, what areas are being restored, a little bit of history which can help us understand the development of the city, what to expect for the future of Havana while visiting this fantastically interesting, historical and culturally rich metropolis which holds unique and unexpected architectural treasures in every corner of its centuries old neighbourhoods.

Havana is  a city which has a staggering amount of places to see, cultural activities, things to do, amusements and subjects of study, therefor, this video has been prepared to be viewed in four parts since each of the areas explored here are a unique world and city, within the city.   

You may have seen some of my other videos dedicated to the Theatres of Havana,  Restaurants, Hotels, Churches and Monasteries, Museums and Castles of Havana, The Vintage Cars of Cuba, now you can visit the areas of the city where they are located or have a Cuban cocktail party with the vintage music from our record collection watching the slides of one of the most beautiful and photogenic cities in the Americas, in fact, one of the seven city wonders of the world.

Don’t forget to give it a like (or not) and subscribe to my channel, there is much more coming up as Cuba implements more open business policies and changes in the next couple of years, re-joins the world once more, reclaims it’s grandiose past and history, ultimately combining it with the modern world.


Looks good

Thanks Fred,

This is a rather large work but, It can be stopped when the next part of the city comes up to watch at a later time. I've decided to post it because many people do not really know what they are getting in to moving to Cuba, if they expect a sleepy Caribbean town with paradisiac beaches, then, these areas of Havana are not the place but if you like the big city, culture, entertainment and love history and architecture, Havana is one of the best places to explore that in Cuba.

Let me know if you were able to browse trough it and your thoughts.

I'll take a full look later, but the first reaction is positive.
Anything that helps us understand a place is good news.

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