Wanting to head out to incredible NZ

Hello all!

I'm new to and I'm excited to be here! I'm hoping I can get some much needed guidance in moving over to this incredible country, NZ and meet some people along the way :) This is such an awesome resource of a site for all involved in their Expat journeys and so glad to have access to this!

I'm currently 24, working as an IT Environments Engineer in a massive world wide gaming development company. Where I help run over 2500 virtual servers(VmWare) and maintain the companies product, troubleshooting etc.

It's my dream, and has been for a good 10 years, to move over and start over a new life in NZ. I've followed through countless posts, endless Googling and exploring on NZ and have decided a few months ago that this is where I really want to be!

I've met up with an Immigration agent who says I shouldn't have trouble finding work in the IT industry as it is apparently booming in NZ. I know that finding work from where I currently am in South Africa for NZ is really hard without actually being in NZ.

This is where my main concern, questions and worries lie, My agent has stated that I should get around 140 points if I don't live in Auckland(Also note I do not have degrees, diplomas etc but certificates of exams I've written in IT fields which are recognised world wide).

However my agent says I should go on a "Vistors Visa" where I live in the country up to 6 months while looking for work, the agent then too sends out and hunts for jobs with my CV with their own recruitment agents in NZ. They then write up and assure the potential employer that it will be no extra expense to them, process is easy for them etc and then I apply for a work visa going off of the employer agreeing to hire me.

Sadly SA is not on the Working Holiday Visa list so that is not an option. And to get a Working visa I need to secure a job first. So is this "Vistor Visa" up to 6 months my best way?

I'm sorry for the lengthy post and all the questions, I hope I've been clear in what I'm asking, please let me know if you need me to clarify some of the above.

Thanks for any responses and you will literally help change a persons life with any help provided!! :)


Hello matthew and welcome on board

Thank you for this great introduction :top:

You may want to read some articles related to find work in NZ from our Living in New Zealand guide while waiting for members to tip in about your situation.

Wish you all the best :top:



I have been through a lot of researched about going to NZ, for I am also working my way to go there. However, based on research on NZ immigration and to my educational consultant, expats holding visitors visa is prohibited from getting work. Visitors visa privilege is only for education of three months or less, and you are not allowed to work during this time.

Your next option would be to apply of work from your home country, under skilled worker. So you will be grant by work visa before going to NZ. As I know NZ, will prioritize the people that is already in NZ to get employed, so your chance would be to go through skilled work, under work visa...

But some professions like mine, accountant, a skilled one but got less points as compared to their standard, my chance of working my profession would be greater if I will go through student visa for a year- graduate diploma of Accounting, or related to that. I am not so sure, if my situation will be the same as yours.

Technically, I have to study first as an international student. And pay one year tuition plus cost of living for one year. The immigration grant one more year to work, after you finish schooling. Thus, it will make you be one of the priority when it comes to workforce. After a year of working, plus other considerations.. That's the time, you will be granted as resident visa.

So good luck to both of us!

Thanks for the responses!

I know you're not allowed to work while using a Visitor Visa but if you find work(interviews etc) and get employed by a company, you can apply for your Work visa on shore, you need to find a job before you can apply for a work visa.

So Visitor Visa > Look for work while on the Visitor Visa > Find potential employer > Employer agrees to take you on > You apply for a Working Visa from your new employer agreeing to give you a job.

Can anyone confirm this?

That could possibly do, if the employer can show proof to the immigration  that they have tried to hire kiwis first, but no one qualified. Thus, they hired you.

Yip this is what I'm hoping for..

Hopefully someone has some experience with this?

I already had a job when I came to NZ but didn't have registration with the council in my field so I came on a visitors visa and I visited for 6 weeks until my registration went through and then applied for a work visa. I then was able to start working. Don't work if you don't have the proper visa though or that might deport you and you and not let you back in. I went through an employment agency to find my job.

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