How to get a job in Automobile field in Malaysia or Singpore?

My name Dhanraj, 24yrs old guy with 3yrs experience, right now working as an Automobile Technician/Petrol/Diesel Mechanic/Maintenance Technician and Engineer  in Tamilnadu, India. I know Tamil, English, Malayalam and Telugu.

For past 1yr I am trying to get a job in Malaysia and Singapore but things are not easy as I thought..

Please let me know if you have any vacancies or know anything, I'm ready to join immediately for any reasonable salary with relevant or irrelavant field, I'm quite interested and know about Marine and HVAC field also. So any field I can make myself suitable and learn the things quickly.

Please let me know any reliable recruitment agencies also.

Thank you, Have a nice day.

Hi Dhanraj,

Welcome on board  :)

If you want to be notified of any vacancy that is posted on the website, it would be better to subscribe to the jobs section and even drop your own "looking for" advert in the Jobs in Malaysia section of the website.

All the best,

Hi thanks Bhavna,

But could you reccomend me some of local adverts and classifieds that can be best to post "looking for".

Please help if you could, I'm looking for serious positions for permanent.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi again Dhanraj,

You will find some hints and links to specialised jobs websites in the Work in Malaysia article.

As for Singapore, you will have to create a thread on the Singapore forum.

There are also some professionals listed in the business directory who might provide their services  : Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia


Thank you so much Bhavna.

Please do let me know if you have any influence about getting a job in your friends circle.

Thanks a lot.


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