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Well, wondered why there was an all day power last Friday, it's normally Tuesdays, but seems there was a good reason this time.
Possibly good news for those of us fed up with the damn power cuts.
From what I hear last Friday EdenNorte installed a new transformer with more capacity for Sosua!
Which in theory should mean less power cuts!
That would be great, if it's true. but knowing this country I won't hold my breath, time will tell as they say :-)

Don't hold your breath. We heard something different entirely.

Take a look in the corner of the room... that is me turning blue holding my breath for change :D

I doubt any thing will be different now with the new transformer.

Bob k

Yep sadly thats probably right   as I said wont hold my breath...I believe it when I see it !
Still its not been too bad of late, but we still get those periods when suddenly its all day cuts and many smaller ones  which plays havoc with my electronics.
Maybe with new transformer cuts may be a little bit less... anything even small is an improvement here!

This is so true.  If they can just stop the times when it comes off and on every minute for a period of time.  Talk about electronic wreckers

Bob K

>I doubt any thing will be different now with the new transformer.

Yep looks like Bob was right   should have known that bunch of clowns at EdenN will continue to screw it up
Yeah, back to all day power cuts, despite their wonderful new transformer. Yesterday off from 9 till 5, great in this stinking heat!
If they were given a nuclear power station enough to supply half of Europe they would still manage to screw it up!
Perhaps they should consider a change of career as they obviously cant manage their present one Mmh something more suited to their talents... errm.. toilet cleaner perhaps?
Then get some monkeys from a zoo and put them in charge, who knows, it might improve things.

Anyway if they cant manage electric with new transformer, we might as well give up and just continue as always, grin and bear it- nothing will ever change here!

May I suggest getting an inverter and batteries? At least you will have fans in this heat.

Right not much has changed, nor was I expecting anything.

Sometimes you have to lower your expectations and look at alternatives to make life easier here (back up power)

Bob K

Yeah,  had considered inverter before, but as I probably wont stay here permanently,not going to spend that amount of money, as that is an expensive outlay.

Well  you can  buy a reasonably  priced one and sell it before you leave!   Investment won't be that great at the end of the day.

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