Education for my 16 year old boy and moving to Santander


I am interested in moving to Santander.  I would like to know more about education for my 16 year old boy.  He is very energetic and loves technology.  We do not speak Spanish, but are keen to learn. 

We are considering building properties or renovating properties and selling them, so we would like to know the pitfalls etc

Looking forward to any help or guidance on this.

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Your son...I am involved in technology but only for myself. I primarily do website stuff and it makes no difference where I or the client lives. Possibly your son  can learn a computer language and work for a company here if he is lucky and if he KNOWS the Spanish language as well. There is a large American company here named Ingram Micro that was looking to expand/hire a few months back. Try to find them on He needs to learn the language in general for most companies but they all love people that people English also. Teaching English is easy to find work here.

Buying property...great idea. Market is still receptive and prices are good. I recently bought an apartment to remodel but I made the mistake of thinking I knew what I was doing but was very wrong. I am from the US and everything is different concerning building and repair. Not so much so if you are coming from the UK. But do bring and power tools as they will not work here. Buy/bring ALL your hand tools as they are much cheaper there in the UK. I order plenty of stuff on Amazon from the UK and Germany to save money.

Come prepared with plenty of clothing items as everything cost MORE here and LESS selection and quality unless you want to pay a premium. Bring as much as possible of everything except power tools and electrical items.

I have been here for 10 years. I do NOT speak the language but it is better for your son if he does.

If you need help when you arrive just let me know. I can introduce you to English-speaking people and direct you to some good contractors that I have met along the way.

It is really important that you come well-stocked with work tools if you will be the work yourself, special food items that are not common here (ask if you want help in this), clothing (especially for your son that is probably still growing), medicines, bedding, kitchen and bath items...all you will find better/cheaper in the UK.

Don't mistake my attitude for not liking it here. I love it.

Sorry for the long-winded writing.

Take good care, hope to see you around,


Thanks so much for your help, much appreciated.  I am really excited at the prospect of moving there, but want to understand the 'gotchyas'!!

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