Keeping up with the news in the Philippines

Hello everyone,

Living in the Philippines provides countless occasions to browse local newspapers, listen to local radio stations or watch local TV shows. As everywhere else in the world, local media play a key role in informing the public.

What are the major media in the Philippines? Which one do you use on a regular basis?

How do you keep up with international issues (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet)?

Thank you in advance!


Most news of the internet.  Things like a rodeo will be held here Sat.  The local kids as they often go door to door to sell tickets. I think the school gets a cut. expat meet on Wend.

television i watch never,and the news i follow on the internet ,mainly belgian tv news as this gives a very good view on what's going on in the world ,other than that  bbc world i find very good to .
the rest i think is to much influenced by political ,religius or lobyist forces wile some purely go for drama and or sensation ,so those i can not be bottered to spend my time on .
wen i watch news i like to hear facts not assumptions
dramtic voices or opinions of news readers i can do without .
i am used to form an opinion my self i do not need it to be told to me .
news sood be a neutral bringing of facts ,and on more than a few tv stations they try to influance ppl mind on how to think ,this is NOT news it is propaganda .
i am sure many will not agree on my view ,but it iss what it iss ,my view
am sure i am intiteld to have my own views .
greets Dirk

Yes many channels here are like comedy channels.

You mean that internet and the Belgian news T.V are neutral in the treatment of the informations ? LOL

nope i mean it looks les than a drama comedy ,not only the stations here ,they took  after us stations like fox ,lots of drama lots of opinion forming and so on ,european news broadcasting is more neutral but not without external influencing  am sure.
tv news has become a strong propaganda medium all over the world ,in some cases up to a level of
Greets Dirk

Philippines is a country which has different media stations which are popular to even the less unfortunate people and this are ,when we go to the entertainment part they have; HBO,Star TV,Myx their local music channel,Jeepney tv,Fox,KBS,Jack tv,Kix,ABCN sports and action etc..
When it comes to news station there is;CNN,ANC their regular local n international news channel,Phiippines CNN,ABCN news,TV5,and GMA.

All this channel have different activities and sometimes its based on the same activity.some speak local dialect n others speak both english and tagalog and others speak english only and the international korean tv speaks Korean language n once a while english

Hi Prescilla Good morning , my main media is ABNCBS news also CNN and ANC I don't see any newspapers here but I do get news online from the Daily Star and the radio

Philippine Variety Tv

Is the Philippines TV stuck in early 1970's

I am child of the television and I love to watch TV.  I enjoy the good dramas that the US has produced in recent years.  I love shows that get your juices flowing and suspense packed drama.  I also enjoy some of the reality shows of late. Such as American idol however the part I enjoy more then anything are the auditions to the show.   They seem to capture a funny side of people and the funny side of life. 

This is where the Philippines seems to be stuck.

I watch daytime TV and it is one uneducated person after another on TV not realizing the world is laughing not really with them but at them.  Then you have daytime TV where they glamorize poverty.  They are always going to the homes of the poor and giving away free food and gifts.  It never ends there it always has grandma crying about how she missed that or other tragedy that be fall on their life.  It is not stop variety from that to amateur hour where they have some of the worse singers and dancer come on stage.   This is a country of 90 million people.  I have see the talent in the streets, clubs and on youtube.  Yet these shows can never seem to find them.  It is not only that but they are just plumb full of advertising from Rexona, Whisper, or some hair product you should try. It seems to take me back to the Gong Show, Greatest American Hero, Sonny and Cher and The Newlywed Game.   Where they would have a diamond in the rough but more then not it was comical entertainment to laugh at these people. 

Watching Prime Time not all that much better

Last night I watch Pinoys Got Talent.  This was the audition round and there just was not anything good about it.  There were three Gay Men dressed as women that actually looked like women.  Then they sang like men.  It was more shocking and alarming then entertaining.  They could sing yet I was lost in the whole appearance.  Besides that you had a guy with a big hulu hoop that danced with it.  He was found to be very talented.  Yet I found it just average and actually would have never made it through on America or Britian Got Talent.  So where is all the talent because I have seen it and I know they are out there.  Why in this the country of the Philippines do they not show up for these shows.  It is not the first time I have watched the show and the winner Jovan a few seasons ago could really sing. 

More on the Prime TV
There is an absence of any dramas on TV.  They are either Korean dramas (soap opera) or some sorta mystical creature type show.  They have Captain Barbell and Dwarfina though both have ended and replaced by another similar show.  These shows run daily and are not once a week shows.   What are lacking are Dramas and Sitcoms.  They all evolve around being a soap opera with very bad acting.  They should be able to escape the duldrums of the 1970s and enter the new age.   TV has evolved since then and shows have also.  Yet not here in the Philippines. 


i think the main reason wy series as "Dexter,weeds,breaking bad ,bones,the mentalist and so on" are not on philippines tv channels is lack of funds to by the rights to show these programs .and also the wanna be american is wy the tv producers try to copy american tv style instead of trying to create pinoy style .
wen am visiting familie i often see this wen the tv is on .i think it is a sad thing Philippine culture gets so wattered down .
what i have seen of the Philippine culture is great and sood be nurseret so the next generation know who they are and were they came from.
but again who am i to think i know?it's just my view and probaly am wrong.
greets Dirk

Hi Pricilla ,
The Major source of news for me is got to be my mobile apps for CNN and BBC world News where every new breaking news alert is received,followed by internet  TV  and Print Media, in that order , however I do suffer with the Local English NEWS with CNN and Fox  cos its not entirely in  English ( it switched between Tagalog and English)and  I  often end up missing the jist of the storey .Again local radio is a mix language so  a news item starts off in English and ends up in Tagalog, I am definitely going to have to take some Tagalog lessons as soon as find a good teacher.The News papers are also a good source when you have the time to relax and read mainly on a Sunday morning.
Hope these helps
Kind Regards
Kishor Gohil

European news is as biased as the rest,  with a clearly socialist one world slant.  The internet, who knows? The only news I trust 100% is the news I see happening right in front of me

Our housekeeper and nanny like to listen to morning news on the radio. I understand Tagalog, so I listen also over breakfast. Mostly, it's about local news, (like this morning the news focused on the De Lima - Duterte war of words) but they would also talk about breaking international news, such as the Orlando shootings (so heartbreaking), US presidential elections, Muhammad Ali's death, etc.

I have a local newspaper delivered to my office. I scan or read through that. When I have a bit of free time, I go to facebook. If I missed some urgent news over the radio or wasn't in newsprint yet, whether local or international, I often would find about it from posts on fb. (Some people will react on just about anything.) So, I look it up on the internet for more details. When I get home, I then try to catch that over local or cable tv news programs.

dirk c :

i think the main reason wy series as "Dexter,weeds,breaking bad ,bones,the mentalist and so on" are not on philippines tv channels is lack of funds to by the rights to show these programs .and also the wanna be american is wy the tv producers try to copy american tv style instead of trying to create pinoy style .

I think the main reason why these shows are not on Philippine tv channels is they won't have a lot of viewers. (Less viewers + low ratings = cancellation.) Most families have just one tv. Family members watch tv together. So, what parent in their right mind would watch those shows you mentioned with their kids? Though these shows had good reviews, bottom line is the shows are about:

A vigilante serial killer (blood spatter everywhere) who works for the police department
A widow who turns into a life of crime by selling marijuana
A professor who turns into a life of crime by selling meth
Graphic scenes of decaying corpses and bones and showing / demonstrating / acting out how they probably ended up dead, including, but not limited to stabbing, gun shot, decapitation
A fraudster "psychic" with distracting multiple highlighted wavy hair which makes it hard to focus on the story line

I used to watch Grimm, The Walking Dead, and Person of Interest. Though we have multiple tv's at home, I put the kids to bed early if I want to watch these shows, as they might come up to my room and catch a glimpse of a scary scene. And if the kids want to sleep with me and the shows are on, I would have to wait until they fall asleep and watch from a tv in another room. Not many Filipinos have that luxury.

I only watch FOX News because the others are mostly left wing liberal propaganda. Sometimes I watch CNN for a laugh or two.

If I stay at a hotel without FOX News, I just stream it off the internet.

Manila Times and Philippine Star are my favorite e-newspaper. Especially if you are after the business section.

For English News I watch CNN. Finding it slightely less biased than my alternative. Fox News.
The Local News channels all seem to have the Reporter, or Presenter, shouting hysterically into the Microfone in Tagalog, and I can't understand a Word.
CNN Philippines would seem to be the answer, with local News in English. But they seem to have a fixation with Manila Traffic. Which is a pity, as 99.5% of filipinos will probably never drive down EDSA.

Why does everyone on Philippine TV have white Skin? (Except the poor Guy in Handcuffs in  the Police Station).  It is certainly not representative of the population in general. Many of them must be Digitally Adjusted, as they look like Zombies.

Excuse me but fox is not news it's a entertainment station with right wing radical nuts.

I suppose you're opinion on that, depends if you are a Republican, or a Democrat?
But as a Neutral.
I agree.

Quite the question.

The news sources are endless. From TV to the internet, not only endless but all with their own little spin on the story.

I do not believe any one source can be relied upon for truth and accuracy and it you find yourself truly interested in a story, then researching other media sources and the net and then comparing the stories may help you find a version of the truth.  Though it would seem that most often the whole truth can only be gleaned through time or by actually watching a video of, for instance,  a speech given on a specific subject to hear what was really said by the person as opposed to the medias interpretation of what was said.

A recent CNN story about an American political candidates comments were spun out of control and then picked up verbatim by other Philippines media sources and printed as gospel. In the end it was found out to be nothing more than a fabrication with it's basis in an interpretation of a speech. Apparently the local media sources took CNN's report as fact and did NO research on their own before spewing it out to the world as truth. Within a matter of days the facts were out and the story died but not before the hoped for responses from some had taken root, though even that withered and died as the truth was exposed.

I believe when it comes to international politics and the game of thrones being played out by world leaders and their corresponding lapdog media outlets that the truth simply does not exist as the purpose of the story is simply to manipulate and move the chess pieces around on the world stage to gain some sort of perceived advantage for a personal agenda.

What do we depend on from the media? Not much and certainly not the truth, at least not the truth as we perceive it.

Honest journalism and verification of the story's content as factual is for the most part a thing of the past leaving it up to the reader or listener to dig for the truth.  Biased journalism with an almost childish emotional spin on the truth seems the norm with each outlet having their own niche audience ready to take the report as the whole truth as long as it agrees with pre conceived personal views.

We do watch the weather occasionally, though even that seems often to disagree with what is outside the front door of our house.

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