Basics of Surviving as an Expat in Hanoi

Hi everybody,

My name is Tania Berclaz, a swiss intern curently working and editing articles for Paradise Today (a branch of Paradise Vietnam). The next topic is : "Basics of Surviving as an Expat in Hanoi".

Therefor I need your help! Can you just give me a feedback about your personal experience as an expat. It doesn't need to be long, you can just write about a short and amusing or interesting story that happend to you as an Expat.

It would really helpfull if you agree to share a part of your personal experience here in Vietnam :) Thank you very much in advances!!

Hello and welcome to the forum of Taniaber :cheers:

Droping an advert in the Testimonies field of the Hanoi Classifieds may help spread the word amongst those subscribed to the Vietnam section of the site.


Thank you very much for your help :)

Hi Taniaber!
I was born in Hanoi but been away for a long time! So whenever im back here, im just like an expat (i guess lol)
From my and my friend's experience, basic surviving in Hanoi are:

ability to bargain as some local will try to sell you (as an expat) ridiculous price! So always try to act like you know the market, bargain it down!

Crossing the road and riding the motobike! Motobike is an extremely useful vehicle here, especially in traffic jam!

Thats all i can come up so far! If you want to know some more info abt Hanoi, don't hesitate to give me a buzz! Glad to help :)

Thank you so much for your answer!

You can't be an expat in your own country. It just doesn't work that way.

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