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Being long term "lifer" expats here in the DR, we have gotten over rice and beans like you would not believe. We find ourselves seeking comfort foods from home. Living in San Juan De La Maguana, our American options are limited to Pala Pizza. Accepting suggestions for American foods. To find these foods at the Detallista is a challenge. Having some, but infrequent and spotty. La Sirena has been the most successful in Bani, still two hours from us. The capital becomes our haven for foods we crave like Wendy's and the like. This only happens when we have business in the capital and then it's hard to travel with two small children. San Juaneros help!!
Thanks everyone!!

13 years here and so NOT interested in Wendy's and the like.  I prefer Pollo provocon for my "fast food".

American comforts -  go to Nacional when you are in the capital and stock up.  Or Pricesmart.  Or Bravo.

Pricesmart is a staple.

I put Wendy's, Burger King, Pizza hut, McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and such all in the NON food group.  I don't miss those things for one nano second.  The local foods are one of the reasons we love living here (10+ years full time).

Favorite thing I miss form the states.  Good high quality lamb chops.

Bob K

If your fat from Michigan it's a food group! Really Wendy's was an example. What I miss most about home is living so close to Dearborn Michigan, having many middle eastern friends that live there which is the largest population outside the Middle East is the food. Hummus, shish tawook, chicken shawarma, pita, garlic sauce, keftka and everything in between is what I really miss. I have not found one middle eastern restaurant here anywhere. There was one at Acropolis for a minute in the food court but it closed.  Now, I realize these aren't "American" staples, but America being a melting pot of cultures it was part of my life there. Almost daily. I do partake in a baconater from time to time though lol. In Detroit, we also had a large selection of Greek food. Also a staple if you live there. Gyros and shish kabobs and feta cheese. You can't turn a corner without a local "Coney Island" restaurant. I did discover the Dominican equivalent though! Adrian Tropical! Amazing food. Open 24/7

There was a good middle eastern restaurant in the Colonial Zone!!! Not sure it's still there.

I'll be there the 17th. I will be looking!!! Thanks planner!

Yes not thinking that middle eastern and Greek food as an American comfort I did not include this. However we do miss this type of food....ALOT!!!

Bob K

The capital is full of restaurants. Often they are tucked away in unexpected places and are hard to find!!!

I will find out where the middle eastern food is in the capital, I will pass on this information. :) thanks ladies and gents!

Hey, fellow michiganders!  We've found ways of making our favorites...and the trade off is the healthier lifestyle in the DR...which I look forward to full time someday!

Baladi in Naco and Cuesta Hermosa is a great Lebanese restaurant.  (Santo Domingo).

Great info!!!!

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