Average ammount of money for a normal living in Fribourg

The Swiss Government is offering 1920 CHF per month (no need to pay taxes),a paid health insurance and a 1 year half-tarife paid transportantion for PhD studies. But, is this ammount of money enough for a living?

It will be short but without taxes and health insurance I think you could make it work.

Fribourg has pretty "decent" rents (Swiss standards). You should already look into it as it will be your main expense. The rent will give you a good idea of the cost of life in Fribourg region.

My guess is that if you can find an accommodation between under CHF 700 that fits your needs you should be fine.

That will let you CHF 220 for internet / Phone / Transportation (you can manage to do that with your half price transportation) and CHF1000 to eat and go out a bit.

According to the University of Friboug website the average cost of life for a student is between CHF 1600 and 1900 (with an health insurance to pay).

Now keep in mind that this is a student life and good luck for your Phd.

This is including accommodations ?
Are you living alone? Or have family with you.
If is not including accommodations you are really going to be in a very tight budget and if you have someone with you as you have family, forget it.

You should never go out but making your own food and live in a studio apt for max 800 CHF month.

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