Wife has british passport, us 3 don't.Can we live in Northern Ireland?


I have been searching the internet for some time now to find information on moving to and working in Northern Ireland. Im wondering if anyone can assist or provide some clarity??
My story is,
My Wife is Australian and has a British Passport due to her Dad being from Northern Ireland.
I am Australian
My 2 x Boys are Australian.
My main question is, can our family live and work in NI with just my wife having a British Passport?
Do i need to apply for Visas etc, and do i need to have any extra permits etc to work and live full time in NI?
Any info on these would be fantastic.
Look forward to your replies
Thank you from Sunny WA :)

My daughter who is Canadian holds a British passport, her husband and child don't .They are Canadians. They moved to Scotland ,but her husband had to apply for a work Visa first before relocating. They are very happy now living there 2 years . In another 3 years he can apply for British citizenship.

Ok Thanks heaps for the info.
We are going over at Xmas time, so we will get some more information when we are there too.


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