My upcoming move!

Hi everyone! First, I want to thank everyone on this site for answering so many of my questions in the past and for all of the other posts that I've read through that have provided tons of good information!

I posted a few months ago about my trip to the west coast and stay in Rincon. A lot has happened since!

My house here in Minnesota went up for sale at the end of June and as of right now there is a sale pending. Closing date is Sept 22!

We have airfaire booked for September 23. We are flying Southwest and I will be flying with my 11 lb Shih Tzu mix, Lolli, as a carry-on. A past post on here had said that Southwest doesn't fly animals to Puerto Rico, but that has changed, and they do allow pets now. I already have the reservation for her made.

We plan to book a vacation rental in Aguada, Rincon, or Anasco for 1 month and take that month to search for a long-term rental. I already have several vacation rentals saved on airbnb and several long-term rentals bookmarked from clasificadoes.

I plan to book a rental car for 1 week and hopefully find a truck to buy within that week. I am still a little worried about that process and how that will work out. I don't want to buy a vehicle that has someone else's fines attached to it!

We are the taking the "sell it all" approach to moving. We plan to pack as much as we can into luggage and ship the rest (USPS) that we can't live without. My boyfriend already sold his car and truck, and I have my car up for sale. My boyfriend very recently bought a total junker for $250 that will hopefully get us through until the move! It's definitely going to be a challenge to coordinate stuff up until the move. We plan to have a yard sale a little less than 2 weeks before the move and hopefully between then and the move we can get rid of everything else via craigslist, pawn shops, donating, etc.

If anyone is interested, I'll try to post more on here as we get more details figured out and as more things happen.

Hey purple sugar,
Congratulations all around.
The sale of the house was deftly fast, I am glad. Hope you got a good price.
As to cars and fines...... Go with the seller to settle any fines and close the deal then. Do not pay until fines are clear.

Good luck, I am looking at another year since wife needs two knee replacements and I want those done here where there are plenty of specialists. Mean time I am still working and getting my current mortgage down so the delay is not that big of a deal other than putting up with another freaking winter.
Glad. All is lining up for you.

I'm so glad you decided to post your process here!  Looks like it is all falling into place and I so wish I was in your shoes, haha!  I'm looking forward to hear your journey :)

Good luck with everything. Even though there might be some unexpected challenges it will all work out.

Okay so some time has past since our trip to PR as well. As first timers we opted to stay at the Wyndham in Isle Verde, Carolina. We had a car rental and met up with a realtor who we followed to a condo in Fajardo. It was decent and we liked the area. The next place she showed us was an apartment in Carolina. It was a multi-family unit with the 3 BD, 2 BA upstairs. It was okay but the houses were really close together. The last place we saw on our own and just happen to find it. It was in Aguadilla, a multi-family unit completely for sale. We completely fell in love with that one as it had investment opps too. However, driving past public housing would not fit into the idea we had for the idea of vacation rental ops for others. We loved visiting Arecibo, Aguadilla, and Isabella. Upon returning home, we have decided to take a year to handle all financial details: sale our house, sale items, etc. and we'll need to settle on one of these areas to find an English speaking private HS for our daughter who'll be with us. Our plan is to get a yr. house rental before purchasing.

You accomplished much in a short period of time.  Here are two English-speaking schools: The Baldwin School in Bayamon and where I live is The Palmas Academy. They have a website. I live in Palmas del Mar in Humacao.  There are many families who are bilingual.  BTW, school starts in August because there are many holidays during the school year. You might want to check out this area. It offers both houses and condos. There is a well-developed network for parents. And you might not live directly on the beach, but it is very accessible.

Good luck with the move. Welcome to PUERTO RICO !

St. John's School, Robinson and Commonwealth are 3 other private English speaking high schools in the SJ area.

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