Difficulties with LGUs providing services to Expats?

A few years ago I went on a rant about how some cities here in Luzon won't let an expat "avail" of certain services and how they continue to deny requests for such things as Senior ID, PWD ID, PAG-IBIG account or even a TIN.  These denials of services seem to vary by city or area and some expats have been able to get what they ask for without delay.  However, this has not been the case with my many requests.

Update:  I have now found the legal ways to obtain all of the above except the Senior ID here in Tagaytay.  My latest victory was to get the city of Tagaytay to accept my status as a person with disabilities (8" of stainless steel and 8 screws in my leg), after 2 years of hearing "you can't avail since you are American".

Key steps: 
1.  Understand your rights under RA 9442 by registering online with the Philippine's Department of Health.  You will receive a special registration number that is embedded (center bottom of page) in your confirmation of registration. 
2.  Print this document and head to your City Hall to request them to do their job. Once you do this, the locals can't deny you the application, status and resulting ID. 
3.  I even printed the complaint form from the DOH site so they could see that the results of a denial would result in a DOH complaint being filled out on the spot. 

The office in Tagaytay had never seen the online registration and were left speechless with a look of disbelief.  I will return on Monday to get my ID/booklet for up to 20% off on many services and eateries. 

Here is the URL to get started:

So far -

IDs/CARDs without any problems:
Drivers license

IDs/CARDs with initial denial problems:
TIN              = Done/account confirmed/card in wallet
PAG-IBIG    = Done/account confirmed/card in wallet
PHILHealth  = Done/account confirmed/MDR/card in wallet (lifetime member zero fees to pay)
PWD ID       = Done/account confirmed/card to be issued next week

Pending further actions:
Senior ID     = Not Done/accepted by Tagaytay City Attorney  who claims "US Citizen can't avail"

If you could please interpret the ABC's.... it's nice that you know the abbreviation but most of us are clueless about what you are talking about. So please tell us what all the letters are and what they stand for..

example: DAV (disabled American veteran)


@ sirrobcentral,

I made a bit of an assumption that most expats in the PI are in touch with the acronyms used above.  Hmmmmmmmmm   ok here you go.

LGUs =    Local Government Units
         Google = Used globally I'm sure!

TIN = Taxpayer Identification Number 
          Google = … r-tin.html

Pag-IBIG =   Pagtutulungan sa Kinabukasan: Ikaw, Bangko, Industria at Gobyerno  (Helping in the future: for you, the bank, industry & the government)               
          Google =

PhilHealth = National Health Insurance
           Google =

PWD = Persons With Disabilities
           Google =

Senior ID = A senior citizen (60+ in the PI) Identification Card.
           Google =

I'm sure once you follow each URL link….. oops ( Uniform Resource Locator), you can get all the details you need to for extended answers.

You are lucky my Google still works….. ;-)

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