Cost of Private Health Care and Health Insurance?


Does anyone have any information about the cost of health insurance and health care for foreigners?

I am assuming foreigners moving to Montenegro would need to use the private system. is that correct? If so, does any one have general pricing information on private health insurance?  Also, any information on general costs of visiting a doctor and getting medicines would be great. Not looking for exact costs.. just rough estimate based on any experiences you all have.

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Hi Ed and welcome on board  :)

Till members provide  you some infos, just to let you know that you can request a free quote from our partner here : Expatriate health insurance in Montenegro

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Hi Ed

There are a few companies that provide private health insurance. We used Uniqa and it was about 300e per year or something like that. The year after we decided to go private as medicine here is very cheap. A doctor's visit is about 20 or 30e, medicine (the most expensive) up to 10e, most around 4-5.

If you need more help with Montenegro, let me know.


Thank you for that information. I think found the Montenegrin website for Uniqa.  Compared to the US, 300eu/year sounds reasonable. I understand your decision to self insure if the doctor's visits and medicines are reasonably priced.

Much appreciated. Are you Montenegrin?  Thanks again for the offer to answer questions.

Hi--the guestimate of 300e was 3 years ago so do check out Lovcen Osiguranje and Delta Generali because they offer the same but check their prices.

Yes, I'm originally Montenegrin but spent most of my life abroad so I guess you can say my heart has always been in Montenegro, yet my mind has been all over the place ;-)

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