Are you looking for your new rental home in Budapest?

I covered the major factors that may be hindering your search
What Factors Influence Home Searches in Budapest This Summer

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I covered the major factors that may be hindering your search

A Linkedin article. And so appears to be targeted only to the higher end business crowd. Even so, I found the article long on content but low on substance, even for that target group.

And I saw the article of no value at all to, say, an international student coming to Budapest to study and looking for an apartment.

I agree, from what we have read about flats in Budapest the easiest and most desired size is about 40 to 60 sq. meters for the average buyer.
I may be wrong of course but most Hungarians don't really want to get into a large payment on a flat.
First time buyers anyways want a starter size. It is still not common for Hungarians to have a different sleeping room for each person in the family and they are mindful of heating costs for a large flat.
Home used to be just a family place, people usually do not throw large dinner parties and entertain in their homes.
At least that was the old style. If people wanted to meet up with friends, they met at a cafe, only the very closest of people were invited into the inner sanctions of ones flat.
Having large flats is more of a western minded thing then a local Hungarian thing, unless one is "new money".
I know my husband grew up in Budapest in the 5th district, a nice house but their flat was very small, under 40 meters with 5 people living inside.
He always met his friends outside of the flat as there was never anything as "personal space" inside their apt.
Only the very closest of friends ever came over.
I remember when I first met my husband and told him all about how "hard" my childhood was, that sometimes I actually had to share a bedroom with one of my sisters, there were 6 kids in our family and at times we ran out of space between some moving out and others being born.
My husband just looked at me like I was insane, he said share a room, at least you didn't have to share a bed!
We are so spoiled in the west, no wonder many Hungarians don't take a shine to us ex pats.

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