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We have signed a contract with the owner for 6 months, and after a week we discovered that the house is full of molds (everywhere) and we tried to clean them. However, they keep appearing every week and its because of humidity. We do open up all the windows and door every day until we freeze, but that doesn't help.

A month ago, I had a terrible earache and the doctor said I have fungus (because of humidity) in my ear. Then I got medical treatment. And today I again have the same with the other ear.

I would like to ask if it would be possible to terminate the contract for the rent in this regard. We have talked to the owner, but he doesn't wish to terminate unless he keeps deposit that we gave.

Could you please advise on this.


Sounds like a issue for a lawyer.
Sorry this happened to you.
Sounds like you have a good case if you were duped into renting a unhealthy place.
We bought our flat with a few issues.The owner's wife was even a nurse which sort of freaked me out when she opened up the shower for me to see on our first look at the flat.
There was black mold growing on the walls in the bath. I actually screamed loud when she spread open the curtain.
It was almost a no -go on buying because of that  stuff.'Went to a professional cleaning supply house in Budapest and bought some seriously strong mold killer in a spray bottle.
It has never returned in these 11 years even when we have  been out of HU for up to 18 months at a time.
Every week or so I do wash off the walls with a bit of HYPO, a sort of very strong bleach which is sold in a brown plastic bottle in just about every store and is really cheap , only about 75 forints a bottle.
The pro stuff was called,ABF Peneszmentesito.
Maybe a good cleaning and then drying the walls will help in the temp.
That sort of stuff can be a issue in these older apts. because they were never built most times to do the function they are now doing.
When HU became Communist, they would chop up larger apts, to make room for more families so people could live in the city to work.We even looked at a apt. in Buda before we bought which the real estate agent told us used to be the laundry room in a huge flat. No thinks, passed on that "deal".
They just willy -nilly put up walls and made more apts. without thinking of the small details like ventilation or sound.
If your doing all you can , which it seems you are, I would talk to a lawyer to see if they rented under false pretences, knowing there was already a mold issue. If you used a rental co. to find this apt. you may wish to contact them first and see what real options you have legally. They may be   responsible for not checking the flat out before renting to you.

Here is my advise, from long years having to deal with "the system" here.

No matter what you do, you should move out ASAP. First of all, it is for your health to do so. Second, if you delay, any action you take against the landlord will be questioned with "if the problem was so bad, why didn't you move out sooner", which will weaken any claim you make (the system here loves to blame the victim).

Now come the choices:

1) Accept the offer to just loose your deposit. Chalk it up to a learning tax about Hungarian criminal business behavior toward inexperienced expats (which is not rare). After you get signed off, and all the paperwork is done, I would then report the landlord to the health ministry to try to help prevent any future victim. There is also an online business registry (in Hungarian) where you can make a public record complaint against any business. You can also warn people at various online sites to avoid this landlord by name if you wish (but have proof of the claims you make -- photos of the mold, statement from your doctor, as the landlord could always try to sue for defamation -- of maybe safer to just do so at some Russian review site: language issues may prevent the landlord being aware of your public critiques, and you at least help save your fellow countrymen from future grief, which is better than nothing. :) ).

2) Get an attorney. Not one of the all too common weak "mitigation" types who just want to make a deal, but a hard nosed one willing to fight, and go to court. Have the attorney write the landlord that you have moved out, are breaking the contract due to non-disclosure of health issues related to the property, that the landlord is being reported to the health ministry, and then have the attorney issue a demand for return of the deposit. And if the landlord refuses to return the deposite, then have the attorney immediately issue a demand for payment process via the normal notary system (the attorney will know what I am talking about). Now the landlord may still refuse to pay, but the payment process can try to tap his bank account. But he can always "find ways" (not always legitimate) to prevent that. You can file a lawsuit, spend a year or more in court which you may win or may loose (paying your attorney for all his time -- and if you loose you also pay all court costs and the landlords attorney costs). Even if you win, the landlord can still try to find ways to not pay.

In conclusion,  Hungary is pretty much the wild west regarding consumer protection: you are mostly on your own. :(

True and sad. Try to deep clean it yourself if you are not able to move out, coming up with more money on deposits is hard at times.
Dry everything well and place a fan in the room to blow out any humid air after use.
I forgot where we bought the ABF cleaner, a small mom and pop sort of cleaning/paint supply house in the city.
Just tell them what it;s for and they should know what products are best to kill mold.
Get yourself ready to move ASAP when your contract is up if not sooner.

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