Considering a move from US to Vietnam with family. What to know?

I have thought about relocating to Vietnam from US we are a family of three including myself and my two daughters ages 4 and 12

I want to move for the experience of living abroad for my kids and myself I would like to connect with other expats with family that can tell me more about life over there

where your kids go to school and best areas for families......

really life in general what am I not thinking of that will be dramatically different

also cost to rent three bedroom house furnished.

3 bd apartment or house in Hanoi in a good district (Tay Ho or Ba Dinh) will cost around 1000-1200 USD.

"what am I not thinking of [....]"
State run education is pretty poor so you'll need to invest in private education for your kids.
Medical insurance is expensive and very much needed for peace of mind.
You'll find owning and driving a car here (in the big cities) a complete and very expensive waste of time unless you have diplomatic status, so you'll generally be stuck with public transport, taxi's or a scooter.
Housing and utilities can be expensive and international internet speeds are relatively poor.

If you are considering a move due to transferring jobs, you should be fine financially, otherwise you may find finding work difficult.
If you are comfortable with being able to embrace change and have no expectations of how the world should work, you'll love it here.

Hi Lady
I'm living in Hanoi and working as a teacher.
I would like to make new friends. I saw your post on this site.
Pls contact me if you want to talk or meet up for coffee sometimes.
If you need any help, feel free to ask me.
Cheers! :)

"if you need any help just ask" - I think that was what the opening post was for wasn't it?

@ daniel369 >

daniel369 :

If you need any help, feel free to ask me.
Cheers! :)

Feel free to share some important information with the initiator, it would be very much appreciated. ;)
If you are here looking for friends, please create a new thread on the Hanoi forum.



You may be able to get some information from this blog:

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