Wage for Dutch Language Speakers

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as you may know one of the trickiest questions in the first job interview is the salary expectation. To high and you might not even be considered for the position, whereas to low of an expectation might lead to some uncomfortable situations/unacceptable job offers.

Especially for Poland, this is more tricky since many poles make less then you do, and thus the offer might be good for local standards, but not so for expats from western countries.

I am applying to jobs in the Procurement field, needing native dutch. Mostly medior/senior, specialist jobs (my previous experience is 2 years but I had excellent results). As such, what would be a good market rate for these kind of positions? Are there any other Dutch/Danish/Swedish speakers that could give me some insight on this?

My expectations are between 8-10 K zloty. I was able to get a bit less than this in my last position in Slovakia, which has a comparable cost of living. Albeit a bit high I believe for polish standards, this does not seem exuberant to me and would be the minimum I could live off comfortably and save something in the process.

Tl:DR Do you think 8-10k zloty would be a reasonable expectation for a Dutch Speaker in Poland  or should I just drop the prospect of relocating and get a job back home?

Hi Marnix,

It depends which city you're looking at?

Big difference b/w Warsaw and other cities, like Cracow/Gdansk/Wroclaw/Katowice. Both in terms of salary and cost of living.


Hi there,

thanks for the reply!

Tbh, i saw the rents and they seemed fine anywhere (room in a shared appartment), with perhaps warsaw as a bit more expensive then the rest.

But I am very flexible and would basically go wherever I can save the most money. I guess Warsaw is the best for the salary though?

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Typically yes, like most capital cities. Not sure if coming to PL wil help you to save a lot of money, though.

Haha, that depends if the 8000 zloty is achievable or not ;)

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