information on how I can Start my online marketplace in Brazil

I'm legal resident of Brazil and I want to open branch of my local business in my home country (Online marketplace) in brazil.

I speak little portuguese and I hope to get a partner who speak more portuguese and english to join me.

I also want some advise on how I can start the registration process.


Sorry, could you clarify: you want to create your marketplace or do you want to sell products on a market place ? I didn't understand well: you're legal resident and you want to open a branch in Brazil of your business which is actually in another country (your country of origin). But are leaving actually in Brazil too?
Actually creating a marketplace or selling product on a marketplace is relativelly easy. The main problem is the product. If this are not digital products, the importation process is very long one, expensive and complex.

Thank you Bardamu for your question.
I have already a marketplace company in my home country and I want to start a branch of it in Brazil.
Though I'm a legal resident of Brazil, currently I work abroad and visit Brazil every 6 month for one month vacation. I'm planning start a branch of my company (online marketplace) in Brazil and I need guidelines. Company registration and legal documents needed.

Hi Wo Ron

Since you are already a residence of Brazil, however as you have stated you do not spend more then 1 month at a time in Brazil.  The simplest things for you to do would be communicate with a "contabilidade (accountant)" and ask them to initially open a CNPJ under your name.

The basic documents that they will require will be your CIE and your CPF.  Afterwards they have to fill out an online income declaration for the past year for Receita Federal and take it to the Receita Federal office in order to have it officially recognized and to allow you to open your own CNPJ on your CPF. 

As based on your profile if your CIE and other documents were issued from Salvador da Bahia then it will be feasible for you to find a contabilidade in Salvador da Bahia itself.

The entire process can also be done online by yourself however that is only possible if you have made an income declaration already.  If you have done so please let us know and I can PM you the link to the website where you can go and register for the CNPJ yourself.

Boa Sorte



Hello Stanza,

Thank you very much for your well inform and precise information.
I have not made income declaration yet. As per you advice I need to consult  contabilidade to initiate the process for me.
By the way, my CIE and other documents were issued from Brasilia but I did report to Policia Federal office for foreigners in Salvador of my residency transfer from Brasilia to Salvador.

I will be in Brazil coming during Charismas vacation to start the process.

Muito Obrigado Stanza

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Oi Ron

Bom Dia! :)

Since you have transferred your information to Salvador from Brasilia it will be perfect to hire a contabilidade in Salvador itself.

You can make the declaration yourself even if you want, however the challenge is that majority of the people in Receita Federal do not know how to handle the declaration for estrangeiros (foreigners).  Hence it might take a bit of going back and forth to get this done. 

Also keep in mind that doing this yourself can save you a little bit of money as well. 

Lastly if you get a chance do let me know of a good recipe for "Jollof Rice" :)



Boa dia Stanza,

I will surely invite you for the launching party !

I really appreciate your guidance and positive motivation.
Good luck for all you do too

See you doing my launching party    :)



I believe you should opon a limited company.  Much easier to have an accountant for that. He will help also you to setup also tax model for your company. The best would be "Simple Nacional"...which is the simplest tax model (relatively to other ones in brazil). Find a good accountant is quite difficult.I recommend to visit your local SEBRAE. They could recommend you some account; Actually some  accountants does free consultancy in SEBRAE offices, good way to test them! SEBRAE helps small companies to initiate and support them with training, consultancy and conferences. Great place to start.
You will need then to open a bank account for your marketplace. Then find an paymento operator being able to manage marketplace (client/venders) operations.  Even if you use an international company like Paypall, people here love to pay with "Boletos bancarios". You need to send Nota Fiscal electronics (NFE) to client and/or venders (in funcion of your marketplace fiscal model)....welcome to Brazil.
Find a should start to visit coworking spaces and accelerators, best chance to find people in Bahia who understand what a markplace is all about.

Hi WO Ron

I am looking forward to the invitation for the launch party accordingly :) 

Good luck and let us know if we can be of anymore help



Hello Stanza,

Sure, I will let you know if I needed your help

Good luck to you too.

Many thanks



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