Teaching at University Level in Morocco?

Hi all,

Has anybody ever taught to university level students in Morocco?

If so what are the requirements & your experiences of the work & teaching there?

Thanks in advance x

Hi adzbudz, I know ppl who teach at uni here but it all depends on the field you want to teach in....


To teach at university level in Morocco you should hold a PhD from a renowned university (recognized by the Moroccan ministry of higher education), besides experience you should also be fluent in french or arabic depending on the subject.

There is a list of formalities to follow to be eligible for public universities positions, for private universities it is less strict as is based on a negotiable contract, degree requirements might also be less for private universities especially for management / business related majors.

Thanks for ur contribution :)

Thanks for your contribution :)

There are a small but slowly increasing number of english speaking universities though ...most notably Al Akhawayn in Ifrane which teaches several subjects and one or two in Casa and Rabat. So depending on the subject there might be opportunities... Business studies and related are most likely to be taught in english. Scientific or IT computer sciences almost impossible although some new english speaking Unis are launching new degrees.... I think it is hard to generalise.... it is more subject specific.

Thank you nadiamee x

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