Quito's Food Truck Craze

It started with one, the Inka Burger truck, then the Argentinean Chorizo (Sausage) truck came along, after that the Wings truck joined in on Portugal Street. They continued to grow in number and were kicked out of Portugal and took their business to Shyris. Now there’s so many that the city has designated the parking lot of the Ministry of Agriculture, on Eloy Alfaro and Amazonas, for them to do their business. A few stubborn trucks remain because last night, walking in my neighborhood, some were seen on Portugal and doing good business.

You might wonder what’s with the fast food truck craze – the short answer is delicious fast food. Juicy burgers, tacos, hot dogs, chicken wings, sandwiches, sausages, desert, you name it. This new industry has grown so much that the city is trying to regulate it. According to an article by El-Comercio (link below), they want to insure that food is properly and safely offered. They also want to alleviate traffic congestion and to avert hurting brick and mortar food and beverage businesses that pay rent and taxes. 

I actually preferred when they were on Shyris as that was close to my place, but the municipality is right it’s best to have order. Time will tell if they are successful at their new home. I for one will walk there to check it out, and also to enjoy a juicy burger or maybe tacos - arriba-arriba. … omida.html

There was a protest today by business owners and residents in the usual parking location of food trucks on the corner of Portugal and Republica del Salvador. They want them relocated. Actually I thought they got their wish because there are cones along Portugal Street hence they can’t park there. I am a resident of the neighborhood and I sympathize with the restaurant owners, and residents. I know almost every restaurant in the area and I know some of them are quite empty with the exception of Thur-Saturday.  So these trucks come along with their sloppily sinfully delicious foods which are cheaper than the restaurants and there are hordes of people that gather to order, eat and socialize. At first when it was only the Inka truck it wasn’t an issue imho, but when many more started coming the entire dynamics of Portgual and Republica del Salvador corner changed. … testa.html

If anyone in Quito sees a truck, can you take a pic and share with us? :)
Thanks and regards

I have a few pics on my phone but they’re too dark as I took them during night. The link below is a facebook page for Inka Burger truck with plenty of pics, they were the first ones.  Currently they’re located in two locations, Truck #1 is on Gaspar de Villaroel and Jorge Drom, and truck #2 along with other food trucks is located at the parking lot behind the Ministry of Agriculture.

If I go early one day, I'll take day pics that will be view-able. … mp;theater

These food trucks are increasing by the day.

El-Comercio published an article earlier today about a caravan of 50 trucks, wow! They wanted to show their presence and they did that by driving in a procession in North Quito. Sheesh, there was only one back in November at least around Carolina, an area they covet. Their concern is that there is a draft ordinance which includes a ban on modified trucks and 90% of them are modified.

What's unfolding is not only the regulation of a new industry but one that is thriving and growing rapidly. Back in the beginning of the year, I thought if someone can just copy Inka and make tons of money, apparently there were at least 50 other people thinking the same thing, it's very competitive.

El Comercio article is below with a couple a pics. … enaza.html

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