Hati, Hati (Be Careful) When Using ATM Machines!

Ever since ultra convenient ATM machines were first installed in Bali some years ago, virtually every “trick in the book” has been used to defraud customers using them.

This latest case is most concerning as it involves modifying the actual hardware of the machine as opposed to installing cameras (most typical) to capture card and PIN numbers.

Personally I hope they put these two foreign nationals in our wonderful “Hotel Kerobokan” (our prison), for many long years, and that the third culprit is caught while trying to board his flight home. … p?Id=13680

I'm sure we all share your hope concerning the end result for these dregs of humanity, lock 'em up and throw away the key. Sadly, if they're just syndicate soldiers,  the real culprits will probably go undetected.

It's encouraging to read about Police and Community cooperation in catching these low desperadoes.

Good one.
ATM fraud has been around for some years in Indonesia but this is the first time I've heard of the comms hardware being altered.

I join the other posters in congratualting all concerned and the cops can lock them away forever if they like.

good information ubudian , hope they get locked up for a long time !

For what it’s worth in peace of mind, we have only one account with ATM card usage, and we keep a modest balance in that account.  This makes for more trips to the bank, but it does help alleviate worry.

ATMs in supermarkets and other secure places are probably safe, but street machines are less so.
The only skimmer I've sen here was outside a supermarket in Purwokerto, but that was outside the secure area.

You're right, I didn't feel safe myself when I withdrawed in Bali! I hope it will be better the next time I'll go to the Island!

I rarely use ATM machines in Bali since most of the time I use credit cards or debit cards to pay for things and I usually bring cash with me anytway.

In Bandung where I live, I use ATM's either at the Mandiri Bank, Shopping Malls or at a nearby petrol station (which has security positioned nearby and a military base beside it).

However, I will be more cautious in future and thanks for the reminder to be careful.

Caution should be exercised using ATM machines regardless of where they are located in Indonesia.

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