Open an Account in Negara Bank, Indonesia

Hi Everyone,

I am a business man from Sri Lanka. Currently I have started my business in Qatar now.
I plan to invest in Indonesia.

I need to Open an Account in Negara Bank, Indonesia.

Is there anyone know any one how to open while I am in Abroad.

Yes come to Indonesia with proof of visa and permission to reside here and your passport and you should fine.

Or email BANK by looking through Google for contact addresses.

But I doubt very much you can open a bank account on any country without have legal proof you are allowed to be there as it is can considered money laundering.

Hi Lukereg,

Thank you for your quick response. I just try find out on google. Unfortunately, I couldn't found any contact details.


If possible get me some contact details one these agents.


No. I am not able to do that. You can try searching Indonesian banks through Google and go from there.

Good luck


To open an account legally you will have to prove residency, that means the bank will want to see proof of your KITAS or KITAP immigration document.

If possible get me some contact details one these agents.

Agents can't help as you need to be physically there to open an account.

Thank You

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Reason : illegal advice

Let's clear this up.

To open a bank account legally a foreigner must:
Go to the bank
Show them your limit or permanent stay permit
They commonly want to see your passport and want a lot of other paperwork as well.

Agents can go with you to translate but that's it.

Agents can't legally:
Open bank accounts for you
Open accounts of any sort without you being at the bank
Open accounts if you aren't a resident of Indonesia.

Using any illegal service or opening an account illegally can lead to the account being frozen you, losing every penny in there, and prison time if you come to Indonesia.

Any agent that tells you otherwise is either a liar or a scammer - or both.

This applies to all normal expats regardless of country.

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