return to Bahrain in another company

Hi all,
My name is Minu Mohanan,I was in Bahrain from april 2015 to august,my contract was for two
years.I left the job with-out informing the company i left the country,and i went to Qatar.
My question is whether i can go back to Bahrain? .In 'LMRA' site EMPLOYMENT VISA NOT VALID'
showing.pls help me on this guys thanks!.


Your potential employer can try to apply for a new VISA, if the visa approved then you could come back, if for some reason it gets rejected then there are chances that your previous employer may have blacklisted you, in this case you may not be able to come back until everything is cleared legally.


Is there any way to find i am black listed or not?.

You could check here, … BIS9nQSEh/

but if it does not reflect here, the only way to find out would be to to apply visa and check.


the information given by you was really help-full .i am planing to come over Bahrain this
Ramadan holiday for three day ,in my passport visa stamped in Bahrain not cancelled yet is it gonna be a problem! ,i can obtain on arrival visa at airport ?anyway all the information provided by you was help-ful
Warm regards
Minu Mohanan

There is no visa on arrival for Indians, you need to apply visa at and since your visa is not cancelled there may be chances you could be sent back if your blacklisted. It's a risk travelling i would say.

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