International Driving Permit instead of Saudi License


Just need to know, is International Driving Permit (IDP) can be used in Saudi, riyadh respectively?
It is a bit confusing as my friends has different experiences:
1) It is totally no. You need to convert the license to saudi license.
2) Yes but once you got iqama, you need to convert to Saudi License.
3) Yes. You can always use your IDP without any issue.

I am cofusing as no real information can be found online.

IDP will only work for a limited amount of time if you are on visit visa. I don't think it will work even for limited time if you are going to get Iqama. Please someone correct if I am wrong here.

The best practice for everyone here for job visa (Iqama) is to get the Iqama and then the driving licence.

Hope this helps

Check this link - first paragraph. It's giving out some information.

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