My Visit?

It will soon be time to visit and am looking for advice for, and opinions of my plans and thoughts.
I hope to be in Puerto Rico before next month. I am now looking to find a real estate attorney and a buyers agent. I have about seven places to look at in the highlands. I like to help those in need so my thought is rather than give a large sum of money to a car rental company, is to help someone in need by hiring them to drive me around and help me with Spanish. If someone has a car for sale then the price they are expecting can be increased by my making weekly payments on a car they get to keep and still sell after I leave, also I will make arrangements with my attorney, with them present, that if they are the one(s) that take me to the place I buy they will get a fair finders fee, and for the help with Spanish, of up to $1000 at the time of closing.
I realise that they will not know to trust me so I have references and proof of helping others and  will prefer that they be present as much as possible; the reason being partly that they can know that I believe in truth and honesty. Of course I will pay all expense including meals.
If anyone knows of someone please let me know. I would prefer that in some way it does help a family in need.
All advice and opinions appreciated.

I would recommend talking with Carlos Torres (247Realty), he is a Buyer agent, send me a private message for his info. He is very fluent in Spanish and English so no problem there, he can also keep an eye for you and guide you were to go purchase items and cars or may know someone selling. He is well connected and can also get you a good lawyer to take care of the property closing and other things like wills and title insurance.

A Repo may work for you if you are looking for a Fixer Upper. You may also want to talk with Sitka, I think he got a place that needed work and can tell you about his experiences.

I am not sure what you mean by highlands?  The mountains?  Also not sure how you gout these 7 places. With regards to this these places may not even be available. Real estate here doesn't really keep up on proper posting of property
As many of us suggest. Don't buy .Rent because you have no ideas of problems that may occur in an area .Crime noise no water no power no cell phone and it internet cable economic issues etc
Do not jump into anything
As far as you looking for a driver .You might want to join Facebook groups for the areas you are looking at .Best of luck .Always here if you have questions

For spanish I recommend: … nz+spanish

Or … nz+spanish

Depending on the type of phone or tablet you have.

My wife uses it and she is doing real well, I hear her studying and she is doing well. It is based on conversations, but you also learn to read and write it. It is not just learning words, you start with actual phrases and it builds from there.

Highly recommended!
I wish I had something like this when I was learning English and German.

Yes I do mean the mountains, sorry; in Vietnam they are called highlands. I found these places through "Zillow" and "Classificado", do understand that they my not be available now and thank you that you are thoughtful enough to remind me of this. I did receive a couple of notices on price reductions on a couple of them. My fist choices are the Jayuya and Utuado areas. I have found a listing in Utuado yet as you say, may not be available. I believe Carlos and a real estate attorney will save me from quite a bit of frustration and wasted time as you are doing.
Thank you for the suggestion of Facebook; I had not thought to try there. Thank you for being here for all of us. Even though I have not remarked to all of your advice and suggestions I am taking note of and considering every one of them.

Thank you for the Spanish language recommendation. I have an app on my phone the I can speak in English and it will speak it back in Spanish and Spanish to English. Also I have reconnected  with my ex wife after 40 years and she is helping as she is Spanish. I will check out the site you have recommended. Things are looking hopeful.

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