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We have the standard 4k you pay for when you get your marbete. We were driving recently when the hood disengaged from the lock and slammed into our windshield. We fixed the lock but our windshield is cracked, still drive-able though. Should we bother going through the insurance or should we just pay out of pocket? I am guessing a new shield would be around $300-400 but we would rather hang onto that money if we can. Also, are there any reliable chain glass repair guys on the island?

Forgot to ask, would the insurance even cover matters like this? Cheers-Karen

Hi Karenqc,
I just wanted to comment about the subject.It seems that most people just do not get the extra insurance or for some reason do not want to talk about it. There been many postings asking questions and few answers.

The Cooperative for multiple insurance company (Seguros Multiples) seem to be the way to go, here is a link: and the phone number is at the top of the page, I am sure someone there speaks English.

Please post back any info.

We just purchased a new car in the island and had to get additional insurance. The one you get with the marbete just covers liability. So it will only cover if you hit another vehicle but not yours. We got a policy for "full" cover and it was $2300 for 5yrs I believe it was with Seguros Multiples. We got it at the dealership we got the car with.

Thanks Rey, I had that link earmarked from before, plan on using it someday, just not now, our car isn't worth much, on the next car though...


I thought that might be the case, wishful thinking I suppose, thank you for the info. That is a good deal for full coverage on a new car. Is that amount divided into monthly/yearly payments or did you need to pay for it all up front?

Thanks again, cheers-Karen


You need to pay it up front, but most banks will finance the insurance with you car payment. We ask USAA since all our cars are insured thru them in the mainland but unless you are active military they do mot have coverage in PR. They financed the car for us but we had to get a local insurance company and the bealer recommend SM.


I see, that makes sense. I have been looking into USAA as of late coincidentally, my husband is ex-military so that's good to know it won't carry over unless he is active. Thanks a lot, keeping this in my notes. Cheers!

USSA had the beast rate for car loan. Local bank quote us a rate of 9%, USSA was 1%. Big difference!!
We end  up Purchasing a 2016 Kia Sorento, we priced the same vehicle in Texas and the difference was about 2-3K, by the time we calculate the shipping charges and taxes in the island it would had been more expensive purchasing the car in the mainland. So at least to me, the car prices are very competitive.

Wow, huge difference if you ask me, I am sold. Enjoy your new ride! I can't wait to have one I don't have to stress over.

It took us sometime but we found a good deal. Even with out user explorer we got a good deal.

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