What happens to my permanent visa after cancellation of união estável?

I've been living in Brazil with my partner for over 2 years but she wants to break up and cancel our união estável.

I have a permanent visa for Brazil but that is only based on the fact that I had a união estável with my partner.

Will my permanent visa still be valid?
Or must I leave Brazil?
If I must leave, how long do I have before I have to leave?
...and how long before I can re-enter Brazil?


Good question I too would like to know what happens if you have residency but married less than one or two years. What happens to your status then?

I believe you will not lose it.

Hi there
I don't think he will lose it
I believe, if your not a burden to the state, they will let him stay

Seems to me that no matter what your união estável status is, that your visa expires on the date which is printed on your card. No customs agent is going care, their looking at dates of validity.

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