Looking for Architectural 3d Visualizer job

Hi there.....I m Dhana from Malaysia, an experienced 3d Architectural Visualizer.  I m looking for a fulltime position, kindly consider me, should there be any suitable vacancy.  Thank you.

I see you are also looking for work on a fruit farm.
There are different visas for different types of work here in Australia.
Don't come out here on a tourist visa and try to work.
3-5 year ban and deportation when caught.
First check to see if you qualify for a visa, and if so, what type of visa

Hi thanks for the advise. But to get a proper visa is going to be difficult too. Because my age. I m 49.

No visa no job.

Ok boss

Thank you very much. May I know where he is from?

So how do I contact him?


Your posts are hard to follow.
Who exactly are you looking to contact ??

Hello dann9010 :cheers:

Kindly note that your Job related queries please refer to the appropriate section of the site with your detailed cv : Jobs offers in Australia.

I invite you to also read the 'Work' section of the living in Australia guide for gathering infos to better prepare your expatration project.


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