Vocational education available for college student


I will come to Ecuador on PR visa by October please let me know if there are any vocational or professional training course for college students? Web desiging  , hotel and restaurant management courses help him to get job?

Please advise me if you have any other information in this case.


I’ve seen advertisements for beauty care, photography, and I’m sure there are vocational programs for the training you asked about, but 1.) I’m also certain they will be in Spanish and 2.) you’ll have a difficult time finding employment because the market is saturated with local low skill job seekers and you won’t be able to compete with locals who speak Spanish. No one here speaks English. I haven’t seen one foreigner in low skill jobs outside of restaurants, well with the exception of Cubans and Venezuelans, but then again they’re all Spanish speakers and are measly paid. To give you an idea, I know a Venezuelan who sells bikes, she works 6 days a week and her salary is $150 a month, and makes commission of $10 per bike, she sells 2-3 bikes a week, with December being the only good month.

BTW while at the Extrajanero I met an Indian, who was here for six months waiting for his professional visa. He said if he didn't find a job soon, he would go back to India because his parents can't continue supporting him.

Look elsewhere if your intent is a low skill job or even a high skill job if there's no opening. My concierge has a master's degree, but no work in his field.

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