Could someone inform me the processing time to transfer the ownership of car after full payment?
Naql Mallakia was issued last week and I am still waiting for new istemara from ANB Bank.


As you said Naqal Mallakia was issued, the car has already been transferred. You may check in your MOI Absher account if the car is listed under your name in the Vehicles Owned section.

The card has to reach you via ANB administration who may take 1-2 weeks.

Thanks for your response.

I have checked MOI (Absheer) now, the car is still not transferred to my name (under ANB bank).
I have paid all the dues and received Naql Mallakia Letter a week ago but still waiting for new istemara.

I have submitted the following docs:
1. Copy of Car Insurance in my name
2. Copy of Iqama & Driver's license
3. Original Istemara
4. Copy of Fahas (Fitness Inspection)
5. paid SAR. 300

Is there something else I should have submitted?

No, you are good. The transfer process has not been completed yet. The Naql Mallakia, as you said now, is just the bank letter.

Sit back and relax. Once it's done, Absher will send you an SMS. Expect 2 weeks minimum.

Thank you.


I am still waiting for the car to be transferred to my name and new istemara from Arab National Bank.  Its 2 weeks now.
Is the delay because of my Driver License (will expire in 50 days)?
Please advise what needs to be done to expedite the transfer process.

Any update Ali?

Received a print out from ANB-Naseem branch then had to go to Maroor office to receive new istemara. After full payment it took 2 weeks to complete the process.

So have you finally finished? It would be helpful for a lot of people if you could briefly describe the whole process with timelines.


How long did it take for you to transfer ownership in Arab National Bank? Base from your own experience. I mean when did you receive the text message stating that the transfer has been done? Thanks.

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