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Dears, i`m looking for making business in Kenya i have clothes and fashion business in Egypt ,is Kenya good for this business?? if i established company there can i stay there?

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I suggest you read the following article, you will get some useful information : Requirements for Foreigners to Live and Work in Kenya.

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Thank you for your replay ,but it seem little difficult to do business there, is there any resource about companies in kenya working in importing cloths,textile from egypt?so i can contact them

Maybe you could drop an advert in the Business partners in Kenya section of the website and see if you get any proposals/contacts.

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Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to do business in Kenya and the difficulty is around the immigration rules.   Briefly:  you cannot legally work in any capacity on a single entry (tourist visa).  However, you should be able to register a company.  To trade though, you would either need to apply for a Class G Permit ($100,000 minimum capital required).  Alternatively, you partner up with a Kenyan business partner, but in doing so you would have to be a 'sleeping' partner, as you would not be permitted to work within your company here.

An alternative may be to see whether you could be a supplier of Egyptian products to the Kenyan market.  My wife has friends who are in the clothing/fashion business and they source their stuff from Dubai and Turkey, mainly.

thank you very much for your respond now i will working on exporting to Kenyan market

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