Hello Everyone,
I am starting a kayaking group that will run regularly on Saturday mornings,

or if you want private lessons let me know. as i am free in the evenings.

I will be at the top of the Kis Duna in the south of Budapest (location link below).
Start time is at 10am till 1pm.
All are welcome to come and try and learn new skills and build a community of paddlers.

For more information.
There are some pictures on the google map link below.
my contact number ***
<span class="reintegratelink">[link under review]</span>
Hope to see you soon.

Hi Peter,

You my want to register your services in the CLASSIFIEDS section.

Good luck

Sounds like a ton of fun.
We used   to practice kayaking in Hawaii and in the Pacific in S. Cal.( Husband is more into it them I am)
Never did any river runs.
More info would be great, do you rent out kayaks?
We no longer own one.

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