In need of root treatment - what dentist is recommended?

Hello, I am in need of a root treatment for my tooth, but I am unsure of what dentist to go. I've been to two here in Malta, in Floriana and St.Paul's Bay, and none have impressed me nor been good enough to come back again. In this case I don't care if it is expensive, I want (I need!) a good service.

I have been recommended that the best is the one at Fortina Hotel, but I am still unsure, and I would love to have some first-hand experiences.

It is much preferable that it is something more or less at the center of Malta not too far from Sta Venera/Hamrun/Pieta/ (i.e not as far as Mosta).

I have used Dr Demajo dental clinic in Ta'Xbiex and found it very good. At least for someone as frightened of dentists as me.  It wasn't for a root canal treatment however.

I'd recommend Demajo dental as well.  I have a fear of dentists, so they did sleep dentistry for me.  It's the only time I've ever come away from a dentist's happy.  I had a tooth out and a few of my teeth recapped, so I can't comment on what they'll like for anything else.

I go to Dr Nigel Camilleri in Sliema. My dad has been to him for recapping (I believe) and he was very pleased. I had a cleaning. I later learned he and his sister (who works in the same clinic) are highly regarded as among the best dentists around here. Their prices are very reasonable (compared to what I'm used to anyway).

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I invite you all to recommend these dental professionals in the Dentists in Malta section of the Business Directory so as it can be benefical for other members too.

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I will not go to another dentist ....   when I leave this rock Ill come back to Dr. Daniel

In the end I will try for Dr. Demajo, as I have read and it is the dental clinic with best opinions. I will let you know my impressions about their service. Thanks for all the advice!

I have gone and for the moment I can say they do a very professional work. My tooth is much better now. I'll have to return 2 or more times so I'll comment in the end my impressions but for the moment it is the best dentist I've been in Malta.

if you're brave you can go to the teaching clinic in Mater Dei.

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