English speaking looking for job in agadir

I am looking for a job in agadir as I would like to move their but unfortunately I only speak English.
I know very little darija.

I am willing to almost learn anything new.

I am a baker and pastry chef but hotel work is
hard to find as most speak French or darija so a job with English would be great for me.

I learn quickly

Hi Elainehafidi and welcome on board  :)

I suggest you drop an advert in the Jobs in Agadir so that you may get an opportunity.

All the very best,

Can you teach English? Have you done your TOEFL?i suggest you do it before you come.
Teaching English is an easy to find job in Morocco if you are native speaker.

I think you meant TEFL

the TOEFL and TEFL confusion
Anyhow there all names CELTA/ESOL/TESOL/TESL
all related to fluency and teaching of the English language.

Hi, just wondering if you found any employment yet?
I will be out there and looking for work from next week!!! Marie x

I am back to London for the 2 months and I am a make up artist so it's bit free lance job  but teaching jobs shouldn't be hard to find
Check language centers etc
Depends what ur experiences are

would you please help me to find a job opportunity . Thanks in advance :top:

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