Tourist Visa time frame how to figure it out.

I am going to Brazil in June I have tourist visa and read Brazil is waving Tourist Visa for US citizen. It going to be from June 1 till September 13. I was in Brazil 10/09/2014 Its over a year so my start date would be when I enter June 3, 2016. Will the no visa required change the dates because no visa is required. This is important because I will be traveling back again after staying about 75 days. Has anyone heard how Brazil will deal with this. Any help

I think no matter how you add it up its depends on the visa stamp you possess, the visa waiver I believe is designed for folks who are traveling for the Olympics and to save on the processing of the individual request to the consulates for nothing is worse than being ready with airfare,hotel,tickets to events and waiting on a visa as far as I know it is just a way to help get people to the games with as less hassles as possible 180 days in a calendar year I think applies for visa holders. I think it will be handled with the fact of the return airfare ticket dates for those who attend the games for everyone must present a return ticket or show some form of continuous travel beyond Brasil
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It is not 180 days in a calander year. It is 90 days . You can apply for an extension of up to an additional 90 days with the federal Police. It goes on a rolling year not a calendar year. so if you arrive June 1  2016 your year goes until June 1 2017.

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