King Khalid Military City Hospital Hafr Al Batin

Hi. I just want to ask what to expect in working at King Khalid Military City Hospital Hafr Al Batin? What's the accommodation for male executive secretary , is it single room? Salary? working timing in office? How many working days in a week? Thanks you very much.

Welcome to KKMCH. I'll give you answers of some of your questions.
1. Regarding accommodation single employees are given reasonable accommodation. No charges for electricity, water and other utilities. Location is just nearby.
2. Salary should be mentioned in your contract.
3. Atmosphere depends the person to whom you are working with.  But generally it is good.
4. Working time 0730 to 1630. Friday & Saturday  free. Overtime is admissible but again depends upon conditions laid down in your contract.
I hope this will quench some of your quest for information regarding this place.

Thank you very much Surgazhar for your informative reply.


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