Relocation in France

We moved to the region L'Indre in June 2015, it is now nearing our 12 months anniversary. We had holidayed in France for 30 years, camping, caravaning, gites. We found ourselves in a situation where we were basically to become homeless or end up in 1 bed old peoples flat. We are 66 and 63 yrs of age. We had bad people who we worked for. It was all or nothing. We've been married 49 years, met at school. 4 children. we lost everything but jumped to France and now rent for about £200 per month less than we would have had to have paid if we could have found somewhere if we had stayed. We have found it very difficult but we have always loved France and the French people.

Pleased to read you are getting there, I can understand how hard it must have been for you.  To rent in the UK is impossible the rents are extreme and you have no security, I know of people who have decorated their home and added to the garden after being promised an ongoing rental then not had their rental contract renewed.  We are in a similar position...Good luck for the future....

Thank you for that Goat Lady, much apprciated!

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