British teacher starting her own business

Hello it's a long shot on this forum but I wanted to ask for advice.

Planning a new business venture in education what are the processes to follow.

I need a dummy's guide

1 - make sure you know your stuff as far as teaching whatever subject is concerned

2 - Make sure you know average rent prices (if you intend to do so), so you don't get ripped off with the prices.

3 - Make sure you know the local supplier for text books.

4 - Make sure you can do what others can't, or offer the service cheaper.

If you intend to teach English .....

By ek lass, tha munt use Yorkshire. That lot waint ava clue what n 'at is, and they've probably never heard of Ilkley, much less bin.

See if Cambridge ESL is big there. It's easy to offer courses, and you can make a nice name for yourself if you provide internationally recognised examination.

lol yes the strong yorkshire accent does make it more interesting..

I have alot of EFl and ESL experience always got my eye on the education market

time to take the bull by the horns.

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