My Romanian bf got a reservation yesterday, he showed me the schedule of his flight, the flight number, the stop over, and etc. But I am confused. Why reservation and not the ticket? He said that when he arrives in the airport of Bucharest he will present his reservation paper and that the airport will give him a ticket. :/

I thought you must submit your ticket to the airport and then they will give you the boarding pass instead. So he has the possibility to fly to the Philippines with reservation? :/ please guys enlighten me :(

People rarely receive tickets any longer. You make a reservation online , they give you a reservation number, and you just need that and your passport when you arrive at the airport to get your boarding pass. I can't remember the last time I had a physical ticket.

Physical tickets stopped being printed by most airlines years ago.  Even boarding passes can be in electronic form.  I typically check-in online and have the boarding pass on my phone.  I take my phone and passport to check in luggage and pass thru security/border controls.

No paper tickets saves the airlines money.  It's also one less thing to forget when your rushing out the door to get to the airport :)

Romaniac Experts Team

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