Dealing with emergency situations in Slovakia

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Dealing with unexpected situations abroad can be a very difficult matter. In order to better help expats and soon-to-be expats in Slovakia face such tricky situations, we invite you to share your advice and experience.

What are the key emergency numbers you should know by heart?

In the event of a legal problem, an accident, a natural disaster, an injury or the death of a close family member, what are the first things to do in Slovakia?

What are the things to plan ahead in order to better cope with such unexpected situations (registration at the Embassy, transport, medical, comprehensive insurance for instance)?

If you have gone through such experiences in Slovakia, do not hesitate to share your story.

Thank you in advance!


Emergency phone numbers:
All emergency services (general emergency): 112
Ambulance: 155
Police: 158
Fire department: 150
- calls to all these numbers are free of charge

In Slovakia you can use phone number 112 to reach all emergency services at once.
But if you need only ambulance, you can call 155 directly. It's easier and probably the fastest way to call for help. The same goes for police (phone number 158) and fire department (150).
Example: When you are in a car accident, you should call 112, they will dispatch ambulance and police car (or fire department if needed). But when you are in pain or it's hard to breathe, it's better to call ambulance (155) directly.

I don't know the other numbers (legal, death). You should always have your embassy's phone number and they will help you arrange everything.

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