I may be relocating to Addis soon. Can anyone recommend a really well equipped gym for a competitive bodybuilder or very importantly, does anyone know any bodybuilders in Addis?

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I invite you to check out threads related in the Leisure and things to do in Addis Ababa  section of the forum.

Threads such as this one below may be informative :

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You should check Bole Rock located in Bole between German bear garden and Edna Mall. I am not a bodybuilder or anything i only go there for the sauna and steam bath. But i've seen a lot of bodybuilders going there. They also have a big swimming pool and a massage service. I have not visited this place for about two years as i am not living there anymore. But you should definitely give it a try if the location is convenient for you.

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What's up brother,you live in Ethiopia?if so got tons of questions my email is xxx hit me back kid

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