Fitness, Gym, CrossFit buddy

Hi folks,
I'll be in Addis for next several months and looking to stay fit.

Is there a gym that has free weights, pull-up bars, squat racks, kettlebells, etc?  Not looking for a fancy gym with lots of machines, but a well-equipped old school gym.

Also, if there happens to be any CrossFit enthusiasts in Addis--do get in touch.

Thank you

I'm looking too. I've been told about bole rox (or roc)  behind Enda Mall and will check it out tomorrow. I'm only here until mid august, but aim to go a min of 2-3 times per weak.

Try Alem gym for a non fancy real work out. On Bole road in Alem building next to Boston Spa. Bole rock at Edna mall is ok too.

Hey, did you ever get an answer to this or find a crossfit box in Addis?

I went to Bole Rox. I'm currently in the UK, but will be back in Addis mid November for 3 months.

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