Europe to Thailand Flight prices - price drops? £420 return cheap?

I now use fare compare to find the best flight deals for travel between UK and Thailand and last year when I decided to make the move I did a quick calculation of the costs to me annually should I return 3 times per year to the UK. Return flights when using local UK search engines were coming in at £600 return and that is economy class no frills z list seats which suits me fine since I just sleep the whole way.

So 3 trips a year I set a budget of £1800 for travel between the two countries.

in the last 6 months I have made the trip once and I am set to make the trip again in a month.

I got a single flight out of bkk in December 2015 for £205 that included 20kg baggage and all taxes and fees.

the route was nice too, I went via Finland which took 10 or so hours if i recall and from there 3.5 hours to gatwick/stansted/heathrow - i cannot recall which one but it was one of those.

I was waiting in Helsinki ( finland) for just 2 hours so from Thailand to UK in less than 16 hours total I was very happy with this when you consider the cost.

Coming back to Thailand some months ago I booked 6 weeks before using far compare search again, I got a flight back to BKK for £220 with German aeroplane with Wings :-) 1.5 hours (est) hour to cologne from Stansted and from there 11.5 hours to Bangkok. German efficiency ensured my waiting time at cologne was no more than 90 minutes so I got from the UK to BKK in under 15.5 hours.

The best is always saved till last and my next trip is my favourite although yet to depart, I found a flight for £410 RETURN from BKK to London City Airport stopping off at Amsterdam although sadly the stop over is quarantined and only 1 hour. This flight is with France Aeroplane in the AIR.

All of the above flights are based on economy rated travel please note.

I will get the METV prior to my return in June and I am going do the VISA runs so I shall not be flying out too much to the UK (hopefully) for the remainder of the yea. 

This post is just to let anyone out there know by doing a bit of research you can find some great deals which will not hurt your bank balance as much as you thought.- book early if you can - One thing I noticed and I hope I am not wrong is that by booking early you can get some decent flight duration options for the same price as you would pay for some truly awful flight durations:

for example when booking these flights I found flights with 22+ hours flight duration including stopovers etc. I have never flew to thailand on a flight duration of over 16 hours so I am just wondering those really long haul flights with long stopovers, anyone took them and what is the value versus the ones I have mentioned, better seating etc?

This post is also designed to give those who are in in the know to share their findings, if you are finding these flights or other options cheaper anywhere else then please do advise.


at times or offer even cheaper rates you might want to check those two -good luck

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