Life in Male . to move or not to move? Safe for filipinas?

Hello there, I have a few questions about the City of Male in Maldives. I recently was contacted by an employer and said that they might interview me for a sales job in Maldives.

I would be assigned in Sales at the head office in the capital so I'm guessing he is talking about Male. He said If hired, I would be contacting the resorts, go there and promote their products ( beachwear, clothing and accessories).

Now my questions are, what's your life's like in Male? Is it safe for us Filipinas? What can I do during my restdays?

I read that alcohol is prohibited and since Im a drinker where can i get some drinks? Is 7k-8k rufiya as compensation too low? I'd love to go to the beach during my restdays so is that also possible?. I'd like to know more about living in Male.

By the way Im a 28 yr old single woman currently in Manila. I need to decide if i should still pursue this job since sales is not really my forte and im also not sure if moving and working in Male is a good decision .

Please help? Thank you so much in advance.

I'll suggest u read other people's view about male here. There are so many of them. And as for the payment, why not convert the 7-8k to USD using google converter? I'm sure that will help u know the amount in your own currency cus that's actually what matters.

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